How to Decorate Cakes With Limes

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There are many edible objects that can be used for decorating cakes. Typically, sweets such as candies and porcelain-like flowers made of sugar are used to compliment the sweetness of the cake. To create a different combination of sweet and sour, try using limes as your décor accent on top and all around your next cake creation.

To decorate any cake, it's usually important to obtain as flat a surface as possible. Be sure to bake evenly and avoid any domed tops. You don‘t want to have to dig limes into the icing in order to make them stay. A flat cake surface will allow round limes to lie smoothly on top of the cake, without rolling off to the edges.

Allow the icing, whether it be fondant or butter cream, to cool before placing the limes. The limes should simply be an accent piece, and not sink into the flavor of the icing or cake. Wash the limes before placing them on the cake and make sure they are dried well.

Place the limes in different ways on top and on the sides to create different looks. Using a cutting knife, chop the limes into pinwheels or wedges to create objects such as flowers or stars. You can also use freshly picked limes, leaving parts of their branches and leaves to create a whimsical country look.