How to Decide Where to Put a Tattoo

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If you are dreaming about getting the perfect tattoo, remember that it's not only the design you need to plan. You also need to think about where to put it. Whether it is large or small, colored or single inked, you'll want to find the perfect spot on your body so that the tattoo reflects your own personal style.

Decide on your pain threshold. Some parts of the body are far more sensitive to the pain that can accompany getting a tattoo than others. Among the more painful spots on your body are the neck, ankles, hands and feet. However, individuals vary in their tolerance for pain; but in general, any part of your body where there's not much flesh over your bones will probably be more sensitive.

Determine how visible you want your tattoo to be. If you want others to see it, then you can put it somewhere that's usually exposed, such as your lower arms or hands, your neck, or your lower legs and feet. Depending on how you dress, tattoos on your upper arms, back, shoulders and stomach might be visible sometimes and hidden at others. Or you could be very discreet and hide a tattoo where the only one who will ever know will be your significant other.

Consider traditional tattoo placement. Hundreds of years ago, when tribes placed tattoos on the body, they had particular areas of placement, including the lower back and upper arms. Today, these two places are still extremely popular spots for tattoos.

Think about your work life, both now and in the future. Don't let your tattoo be an employee's nightmare. Many workplaces frown on obvious tattoos, especially if you will be greeting clients or serving customers. Some employers won't allow employees to work with tattoos on the face or knuckles unless makeup is used to cover the tattoos.