How to Cut Your Own Hair


0:01 Hi I'm Amelia and I'm going to show you some techniques in cutting your own hair. I don't

0:05 recommend doing the entire cut because you are not going to be able to get it completely

0:09 even but you can trim your bangs and you can take some of the dead ends off yourself. When

0:16 trimming your bangs you want to make sure that the hair is mostly dry. This hair is

0:21 mostly dry and take your comb and always use your comb not your hands because your hands

0:30 are going to put a lot of tension on the hair, the comb will not and you want to bring your

0:34 bangs in front of you and always hold the scissors in a vertical position. You just

0:42 use the comb and just point cut. Now on the sides of your

0:53 hair you are going to want to do this of course in a mirror and just bring everything forward

0:58 and where you see those yucky ends and you can spot them because they don't look uniform

1:05 they look very ragged like they've been chewed on and you just again use just the tips the

1:16 first quarter inch to half inch of the scissors and you just lightly take off just a bit.

1:23 If you want to take some off the top again in a mirror you just pull everything off and

1:36 any yucky bits like that you are going to hold the hair like this and take the scissors

1:47 like that and just take the yucky bits off. I don't recommend doing anything more because

1:52 your hair will end up uneven so for anything more than that go to your hair dress but for

1:57 just taking off a few tricky ends that are yucky and giving you a hard time no problem

2:03 and those are some techniques when cutting your own hair.