How to Cut Up a Plaid Shirt Into a Vest


0:05 hi I'm Christy Prince Hale with impulse

0:08 design group and the publisher of que la

0:10 la you're fashionably nerdy news and

0:12 today I'm going to show you how to cut

0:14 up a plaid shirt into a vest so we've

0:17 got a great plaid shirt here and what

0:20 we're going to do is simply cut along

0:22 the the sleeve the seam right here and

0:24 you're going to go work all the way

0:26 around you can lay this flat on a table

0:28 if that's easier for you but so you can

0:31 see what I'm doing I'm going to do it on

0:32 this mannequin here I'm going to put a

0:34 small hole up at the top and then I'm

0:36 going to cut all the way around so I'm

0:38 not going to cut both sides at the same

0:39 time you want to make sure that you're

0:41 using fabric scissors you don't want to

0:43 use the scissors out of the junk drawer

0:44 because that's not going to work so well

0:46 so I'm going to go ahead and put a small

0:51 cut right at the top and then as you can

0:54 see got a little hole up here and I'm

1:01 going to take my scissors and put it

1:02 actually insert it into the hole and I'm

1:05 going to cut along that seam all the way

1:08 around no you want to take your time and

1:13 you want to cut underneath of that seam

1:14 because you can always go back and clean

1:17 it up a little bit but we can't add the

1:20 material back that involves selling that

1:25 I don't want to do any of that alright

1:28 so now I'm going to work it on the back

1:30 a little bit

1:37 and it may take a little bit of time and

1:40 again this is why you want to make sure

1:42 that you have good fabric scissors

1:43 because those junk drawer scissors are

1:46 dull and they're not going to do the

1:47 trick

1:48 and when you get across some of the

1:50 other seams of it you're going to have

1:52 to find you're going to find that it's a

1:54 little tough to cut just make sure you

1:56 hold the scissors firm and work your way

1:58 around

2:04 this is a great thing to do with with

2:09 old shirts that made me need a new look

2:12 you don't want to quite get rid of them

2:14 yet so there we go you can see now that

2:19 we've cut almost the whole side but

2:21 we've got an extra little seam right

2:23 here so we're going to go along the seam

2:24 and cut as well this way you can see a

2:29 little bit better on the inside of what

2:31 I'm doing and I'm just working my way

2:33 right above that seam not on it but

2:36 above it and voila there you go you can

2:41 always go back and touch up any loose

2:43 ends that you might have you've got a

2:50 great little vest shirt now you could

2:53 cut off the remove the collar if you

2:54 want but I really like the way that the

2:56 collar looks it kind of adds a different

2:59 style to it

3:00 this one's actually buttoned down but we

3:01 could unbutton it flip it up a little

3:04 bit you can do some versatile things

3:06 with it so I would recommend leaving the

3:08 color I think it adds a little

3:09 classiness to it and you can pair these

3:11 vest with plain t-shirts tank tops

3:14 they're great spring/summer look you

3:17 could even wear it for fall or winter

3:19 but you would have to put some other

3:21 layers underneath of course so use those

3:24 tricks and I know your best will look

3:26 great I'm Christie Prince Hale with

3:28 impulse design group and the publisher

3:30 of que la la your fashionably nerdy news

3:34 you