How to Cut or Trim Your Own Bangs


0:07 hi I'm Jessica tingly and we are up here

0:10 at Frederic Fekkai and Beverly Hills and

0:11 these are my style tips so step one for

0:19 trimming your own bangs is really

0:20 gathering the right equipment you really

0:22 need to have actual hair cutting shears

0:24 you can't use nail clippers or things

0:27 like that because you're gonna make a

0:28 mess so you really want to find a nice

0:29 pair of real hair cutting shears that

0:31 you only cut hair with and a comb step

0:34 two for trimming your bangs is really to

0:36 have your hair styled as usual you want

0:39 to have it kind of going the direction

0:40 it's going if you have a sweepy bang

0:42 blow-dry them that way so you can really

0:45 see what you're doing you're not cutting

0:46 something that doesn't belong you don't

0:48 want to start cutting your bangs on wet

0:49 hair at all so just make sure they're

0:51 dry and sort of going the direction you

0:53 want them to go

0:54 step three is gathering your hair your

0:57 dry hair and separating out the front

1:01 pieces that are your bangs making sure

1:07 you're not grabbing a piece from over

1:09 here

1:10 so just separate it out comb them really

1:13 smooth and make sure all the rest of

1:18 your hair is out of the way so you don't

1:20 accidentally cut anything in step four

1:25 is pulling the hair straight out where

1:28 you can see in front of your eyes and

1:30 just take your shears and trim

1:38 that's how to trim your bangs