How to Cut Fresh Mozzarella

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Fresh mozzarella is a soft and savory cheese that appears in a wide variety of recipes. It melts well in pizza and calzones, refreshes in salads and also stands its ground as a raw appetizer. Tradition recommends keeping fresh mozzarella in water until you are ready to use it. Its slightly stringy consistency and softness can lead to uneven cutting. However, with the proper tools, precisely cutting fresh mozzarella is easy and will add finesse to any recipe it is used in.

Place the egg slicer on a firm surface such as a table or countertop.

Place an appropriate amount of fresh mozzarella in the egg slicer. Trim the mozzarella if necessary for a proper fit in the slicer.

Close the egg slicer gently, cutting the mozzarella into even pieces.

Open the slicer and remove the mozzarella. It is now ready to use in your recipe.