How to Cut Country Style Pork Ribs

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Country style pork ribs are cut from the rib-end of the pig loin and technically are not ribs. In fact, you should rarely find bones in a package of country style ribs. This cut of meat is generally lean and easy to prepare. In the grocery store, country style ribs usually are cut by the butcher before packaging, so you will not have to cut them yourself. If you do buy an uncut slab, they are easy to cut.

Determine how thick you want to cut the ribs. Butchers usually cut them about 1-inch thick, which gives you one to two ribs per serving. If cooking for someone with a bigger appetite, cut them thicker.

Trim the meat. Examine the slab of meat for any membranes or bones that need to be removed. Use long strokes, and take off as little of the good meat as possible when trimming. If there are rib bones, leave those attached because they add flavor. Avoid cutting off a lot of fat. Country style ribs are lean, and leaving fat on the ribs helps add moisture to an otherwise dry cut of meat.

Cut the meat into portion-sized pieces using long strokes with a sharp meat knife. Repeat this until all the ribs are cut, making sure they are the same size. Ribs of different sizes will cook at different rates, which might lead to some of them being overcooked and some undercooked.