How to Curl Hair With Hot Rollers


0:00 how to curl hair with hot rollers curls

0:03 are pretty fun and a little sassy

0:06 they're easy to achieve and are sure to

0:08 win you a slew of compliments this video

0:11 will demonstrate the proper method for

0:12 curling your hair with hot rollers step

0:16 1 plug in the hot rollers step to blow

0:21 dry clean hair straight

0:29 step 3 apply volumizing mousse or

0:33 styling cream from roots to ends

0:38 step four separate hair and clip into

0:42 three sections

0:50 you

0:56 step 5 release one section and brush a

1:00 two-inch section from the top of the

1:02 unclipped hair brush to release any

1:04 knots or tangles spray the section with

1:07 a soft hold hairspray step 6 select a

1:10 hot roller and fitting pin step 7 place

1:14 the roller one and a half inches above

1:16 the end of the separated section and

1:18 wrap the bottom of the strand around the

1:20 roller step 8 roll upward toward the

1:24 scalp so that the entire section of hair

1:27 is wrapped around the roller step 9

1:30 secure the roller with a pin repeat

1:33 until your entire head is in curlers

1:44 you

2:08 step 10

2:10 let the roller set for 10 to 20 minutes

2:14 step 11 remove the rollers by removing

2:18 the pins or fasteners and gently letting

2:21 each curl unravel repeat until all the

2:25 curlers have been removed

2:34 step 12 flip your hair over and gently

2:37 run your fingers through your hair step

2:40 13 style as desired step 14 spray with

2:46 extra hold hairspray to prolong the life

2:48 of your curls