Taming Nape of Neck Hair


0:05 hi my name is Tracy Vallon celebrity

0:08 asam's and owner of cross by Tracy valid

0:11 today I'll be showing you how to tame

0:13 the nape of the neck using just pomade

0:16 and hair spray very easily now when you

0:23 do high buns or any buns or any updos

0:26 you tend to have a lot of hair loose at

0:28 the nape of the neck all you need to do

0:31 I'm going to tilt my models head down a

0:33 little bit it's spray we hair spray

0:38 using a hair brush brush it up that

0:43 starts to tame the nape of the neck then

0:46 you take a little bit of edge control

0:51 and run it right there the root and the

0:56 base of the neck take your brush and

1:01 brush that right in

1:09 now you have a 10-8 thanks for tuning in

1:13 and Tracy's island