How to Cover a Ball Shape With Fondant

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A big celebration is coming up and you've been asked to provide a cake. Perhaps you want to try something that will turn heads by creating a cake in the shape of a sphere. After getting the cake into an initial round shape, you may still wonder how you're going pull everything together to get the cake to look perfect. Fondant may be an ideal solution. Covering a ball shape with fondant can help hide any imperfections on the cake surface. With proper preparation, it is not too difficult.

Place your cake and cake board on top of a coffee can. This will elevate the cake. Use caution to make sure it does not fall. Lift slowly and carefully.

Cover your ball-shaped cake with a light layer of butter cream icing. This will give the fondant something to stick to.

Roll out your fondant with a rolling pin. To prevent the fondant from sticking to the counter top or rolling pin, coat both with a dusting of powdered sugar. Ideal thickness for fondant is between 1/4 inch and 1/3 inch. This allows it to drape over the cake with relative ease. Make sure the rolled fondant is large enough to fit over the cake, with 2 to 3 extra inches to spare.

Pick up the rolled-out fondant and drape it over your circular cake. Since the cake is now elevated on the coffee can, the extra fondant should hang freely beneath the cake to easily form a spherical shape. You may wish to trim off some of the excess at this point, depending upon how much you have.

Press the fondant into the butter cream, using gentle pressure. Work your way around the circumference of the cake, smoothing out any lines or ripples as you go along.

Trim any excess fondant from the base of your ball-shaped cake with a sharp knife. This will create a more uniform look. You are now ready to decorate.