How to Cook With Green Onions

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Incorporate green onions into a dish to add mild flavor. Eat the onions cooked or raw. Add them to soups, dips, potatoes and other dishes. Sauté with other vegetables in stir-fry or with meat. The green part of the onion is the edible part. This part sticks out of the ground while it grows. Use fresh onions whenever possible. Fresh onions should have crisp stalks and a rich, green color.


Place the green onions on a cutting board.

Grip the onions by the lower end, toward the white portion.

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Chop the green portion of the onions into small pieces. Stop chopping right before you reach the white part. Throw the white part away.

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Scrape the onion pieces into a colander. Rinse the green pieces with water.


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Cut the stalks off of the white part of the onion. Discard the white bulb. Turn the oven to 300 degrees to preheat.

Slice vertically down the onion stalk to cut it in half. Place the stalks on a pan.

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Spread olive oil over the onions with a basting brush.

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Shake garlic over the onions.

Bake for 7 to 10 minutes.