How to Cook With Capers

How to Cook With Capers. Capers are small, unopened flower buds from the caper bush, native to the Mediterranean coastline. Most often pickled in vinegar, capers have a spicy and slightly sour flavor which can add a special touch to many of your favorite recipes.

Rinse capers before using them in cooking if they are packed in salt water. Most commonly, capers are packed in vinegar and are ready to use directly from the jar, but if you don't like vinegar, try the salt preserved variety.

Mix capers into tomato sauces, such as pizza and pasta sauce. Capers add a tangy flavor and a little goes a long way, so add 1 or 2 tsp. at a time, adding more as desired.

Use capers when cooking dressings, sauces and marinades for a zingy flavor. For instance, white sauces, wine sauces or vinegar dressings are often complemented with the addition of capers. Whether topping fish, turkey or other meats, capers can add a unique flavor that makes your cooking one of a kind.

Garnish vegetables and meats with a spoonful of capers. Capers can transform most average vegetable sides into a delicious treat and go great with carrots, Greek salad and even artichoke.

Add a bit of pizazz and crunch to salads, meats, pastas and more by lightly frying capers in olive oil and then using them as a topping for your favorite dishes.