How to Cook a Whole Chicken in a Pressure Cooker


0:05 my name's chef egg with cooking with egg

0:08 TV at a baltimore maryland and i'm going

0:10 to teach you guys at home how to cook a

0:11 whole chicken in a pressure cooker

0:19 now for this recipe we're going to use

0:22 kosher salt fresh cracked pepper and

0:25 dried herbs we're going to sear the

0:29 chicken in a little bit of olive oil

0:30 till it's golden brown then we're going

0:33 to add onion celery carrots fresh lemon

0:39 and white wine making a roasted chicken

0:43 in a pressure cooker is really easy the

0:46 first thing you have to do is season

0:47 your chicken properly so what we're

0:49 going to do is take some salt kosher

0:53 salt gives you a nice crust on the

0:55 outside and we're going to do fresh

0:57 cracked pepper

1:04 and some dried herbs and we're going to

1:11 flip it over and repeat

1:34 so our pan is over medium heat it's nice

1:38 and hot we're going to take a little bit

1:39 of our olive oil and throw it in the pan

1:41 our oil starting to smoke and that's how

1:44 we know it's hot enough so what we're

1:46 going to do is very carefully add our

1:47 chicken to the pan Brown it on both

1:50 sides

2:00 so after we brown the chicken on all

2:02 sides we're going to throw in our

2:04 aromatic vegetables so we're going to

2:06 add our carrots our celery our onions

2:17 then we're going to squeeze some lemon

2:19 and then throw the rind in there and

2:25 finish it off with a cup of white wine

2:28 if you don't have white wine you can use

2:30 some chicken stock or you can use some

2:32 water

2:34 so the little topper is moving around

2:37 that means the pressure is good to go so

2:39 we're going to drop the heat to medium

2:41 low and let it cook for 20 minutes now

2:46 our chicken cooked for 20 minutes then

2:49 what we did is turn the heat off and let

2:51 the pressure release from the pot by

2:53 itself takes about 15 minutes to do that

2:56 and the next step is to very carefully

2:58 release the lid and open it up away from

3:02 you so that steam goes away from you oh

3:06 and this chicken looks absolutely

3:08 phenomenal now we're going to take some

3:10 tongs and very carefully take the

3:12 chicken out of the pot be careful

3:15 because it will fall apart on you this

3:16 is going to be a really tender and moist

3:18 piece of bird oh that looks phenomenal

3:23 look at that it's tender the meats

3:26 falling off the bone now what we're

3:28 going to do is take some of these

3:29 aromatic vegetables and put them around

3:31 the plate little garnish and the

3:37 vegetables have been cooking in that

3:38 wine and the seasonings looks wonderful

3:44 and then we're going to garnish it with

3:47 some fresh parsley

3:54 I'm chef egg with cooking with egg TV

3:57 and a Baltimore Maryland and that's how

3:59 you cook a whole chicken with a pressure

4:00 cooker

4:08 you