How to Compare Quality in Chocolate Fountains

A chocolate fountain is a machine that provides a constant, recirculating stream of melted chocolate that resembles a multi-tiered wedding cake. These devices make grand centerpieces at weddings, parties and even fundraisers. There are several things to consider when comparing chocolate fountains, including size, warranty and price.


Commercial chocolate fountain models range in width, from 14 to 18 inches and vary in height, from 20 to 40 inches. The biggest difference in chocolate fountains is weight, which can start at 20 lbs. and as heavy as 85 lbs. A heavier weight model usually indicates a fountain with a larger serving capacity.

Warranty Issues

A chocolate fountain contains many moving parts that must work in constant harmony when running to produce melted chocolate. These parts include the chocolate tower, the auger, the main bearing shaft, the motor and the heating elements. While most chocolate fountains come with a lifetime warranty on parts and labor, several of the higher priced, high capacity models come with only a one-year warranty.


The price of chocolate fountains can range from $2,500 for the smaller models to $7,500 for the largest models, as of 2010 pricing. Selection of a fountain based on size or price might come down to the amount of times you intend to use the machine to get back your investment.