How to Clean Sweat Stains From a Fedora

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Today's stylish men tip their hats to the fedora. Made popular in the 1930s, the fedora hat was classified as a tough-guy accessory that was often paired with a well-fitted suit and a trench coat. Wearing a fedora meant you had a certain confidence and signified a degree of swagger. But just a head's up -- the head band of your cool hat can get dirty quickly from forehead sweat and hair products. Simply follow a few easy cleaning tips to ensure your fedora is forever.

Place the fedora on a clean, dry surface. Roll a lint roller along the inside rim of the fedora to rid it of fuzz, dirt and debris.

Hold a clean cloth under warm water and then wring it out. Run the damp cloth all the way around the inside rim as a first pass to loosen any dirt or stains.

Wet the cloth again with warm water and gently wring out.

Apply a small dollop of baby shampoo to your wet cloth.

Hold the fedora with one hand and gently rub the inside rim in small circles. Stay on the band and refrain from getting soap on the fedora itself. Use more shampoo where stains arise and apply pressure where needed.

Run the cloth under warm water again until it is clean and then wring it out. Go over the inside rim again wiping away traces of shampoo. Apply more pressure when cleaning the stains. Use a fresh section of the cloth every few inches.

Allow the hat to air-dry overnight. Put the fedora in a box and store it in a cool, dry place when not in use.