How to Clean Extracted Teeth

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Having a tooth removed is an extremely painful procedure and traumatic for some people. At the same time, it's often a necessary process for individuals with cases of gum disease, broken or damaged teeth, certain wisdom teeth, mouths crowded with teeth, and other situations. Having a tooth extracted doesn't have to be such a negative experience. After the procedure, clean the teeth in such a way that you preserve it as a memory of the event or as a milestone in your life.

Put on a pair of rubber latex gloves as a precaution. Rinse the tooth in warm water to remove any blood or lingering gum matter. Rub the surface of the tooth with a piece of gauze to thoroughly remove any remaining gum tissue.

Pour 10 ounces of cold water into a clean jar with 1 ounce of chlorine bleach. Replace the lid of the jar and screw it on tightly. Shake the water and bleach to mix them thoroughly.

Open the jar and place your extracted tooth inside. Allow the tooth to soak, fully submerged, for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, remove the tooth and wipe it dry with another piece of gauze.