How to Clean a Straw Hat

How to Clean a Straw Hat. Straw hats come in different styles, but are usually worn for informal occasions during the warmer seasons. Keep yours in top shape by following these steps.

Cleaning Options

Use a homemade formula for simple stains. Mix the following ingredients and rub lightly with a soft cloth. If it is a dark color mix ½ teaspoon ammonia and ¼ cup water. For lighter colors mix ½ teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and ½ teaspoon of warm water.

To help reshape hats that are misshapen, use a little steam. Hold it over steam and move it around and then let it air dry. The steam source could be a large pot of boiling water.

To spruce up the color or refurbish dark straws, rub a little alcohol that is diluted with water over the entire surface. Rub dark colored velvet over the hat to make it shine.

To clean the sweatband, simply use a small brush dipped in soap and water and scrub lightly. Be careful to only get the sweatband wet.

Preventative Care

Brush after every use. This will get any dirt particles off every time.

Wash your hands prior to touching it. This will prevent oils from staining your hat.

Pay attention to how you store the hat. If it's stored on a table, it could lose its shape. Use a plastic shaped head or even an old coffee can. Use a storage box if you are traveling.

Protect it from stains with a light spray of stain repellent. This may also prevent water stains.

Avoid extreme heat or cold temperatures. This may cause it to lose its shape too. This includes protecting it from direct sunlight that may fade the colors.