How to Clean a Phiten Necklace

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Phiten prides itself on its philosophy of health, energy and well-being. According to the company, Phiten necklaces have a special titanium technology that helps the flow of energy through the body, counteracting the negative effects of stress and fatigue. Many athletes wear these necklaces to boost their stamina during games, so they are bound to get sweaty and dirty. Phiten necklaces shouldn't be cleaned often, as repeated exposure to water will cause them to wear prematurely, but they can be washed to remove excess dirt and grime buildup.

Rub a bar of soap between your hands under warm water, working up a slight lather.

Use your soapy hands to rub the lather all over your Phiten necklace. Scrub it with your fingers to remove excess dirt and grime buildup.

Rinse your Phiten necklace under warm water. Work quickly, rinsing it just enough to get the soap and dirt off of the necklace.

Allow the necklace to air dry. Using a dryer will cause it to wear prematurely.