How to Carve a Prime Rib Roast

You've roasted the perfect prime rib roast, and now it is time to serve the roast to your family and friends. Carving a prime rib roast isn't difficult, but it does take a few techniques to get every roast slice perfect. It doesn't matter if you have a two-rib or full seven-rib roast; the carving method is the same.

Place the cooked prime rib roast on a cutting board and remove the chine, or featherbones, from the roast. The chine is the large bone on the end.

Slice one end of the meat evenly across. This will make a flat surface for the prime rib roast to sit steady on the platter. Transfer the rib roast to the platter, cut side down.

Turn the platter to where the rib bones are on your left, if you are right-handed, and on your right if you use your left hand to carve.

Work parallel to the first bone and make a slice on the inside of the bone. Use the meat fork to keep the roast secure while slicing.

Make your next cut on the outside of the next bone. This will make your prime rib steak with one bone per serving.

Cut the remaining slices to the outside of the next bone, always keeping parallel with the rib bone.