How to Calibrate a Co2 Regulator Images

When it comes to properly working equipment, Co2 regulators are just as important as anything else. If you work at a bar, or have a home bar setup, you know firsthand that, without a functioning regulator, the beer in your keg is as good as gone. Keeping a properly calibrated Co2 regulator is crucial to both your business and your social life.

Turn off the Co2 bottle and turn the main regulator knob counterclockwise until you feel no pressure while turning.

Go to the needle valve underneath the bubble counter and turn it counterclockwise until you can turn no more.

Return to the Co2 tank and turn the main regulator knob clockwise, opening the tank completely. No bubbles should enter or come through the bubble counter at this point.

Slowly turn the large knob on the regulator until bubbles are exiting the regulator bubble counter. Work very, very slowly in order to work the bubble count at a reduced rate.

Turn the large knob approximately one-eighth to one-quarter of a turn clockwise and wait between 30 and 45 seconds.

Repeat Step 5 until the bubble count is equivalent to what you're looking for. Use the needle valve as a last resort, in order to finely adjust the bubble count.