How to Apply KISS Acrylic Nail Tips

by braniac ; Updated September 28, 2017

Apply Kiss Acrylic Nail Tips with ease

Alexsandro Pereira, Stephen Davies, Sarah Williams

Do you envy the girls with the long beautiful nails and you wish you could grow your nails to that length? The fact is not many of us can grow our nails that long or maintain keeping them long in today's fast paced world. Which has now prompted you to buy a kit at your local store, but now you are at home wondering how do I apply Kiss acrylic nail tips. This is where these simple steps will have you loving your new look.

Open up the package and locate a tip for each one of your nails that matches correctly in size when pressed to it. This is the best way to make sure that you will not have to do any trimming to the sides of any nails, and since there are ten different sizes in a pack you are sure to find a close match for each of your nails.

Locate and open the maximum speed glue that will have most likely come inside the package, if not then purchased separately. You will also want to have on hand a nail file, buffer and nail clippers.

Remove any nail polish you may currently have on. Trim your nails down and wash your hands and dry completely. You will now want to LIGHTLY rough up your own finger nails with the file, this will help the glue to last for a long period of time (usually 8-14 days). After you have lightly scratched up your nails you will want to wash and dry them again, so they are free of all dust and residue from the file.

Apply enough glue to the top of your nail to get it all moistened and quickly apply the nail tip. There will be very little time to adjust placement so you will want to work quickly. Once the nail is on correctly, apply pressure to the top of nail and hold tightly for about 20 seconds so the glue can adhere tightly.

Repeat step #4 until you have two or three nails securely on, then stop and trim them with nail clippers to the desired length you are looking for. If you do not stop and do this, it will get harder and harder to continue applying more tips with such large nails. Continue this process until you have all applied.

File and buff your new nails so the are not extra sharp. You are now ready to paint them with a pretty color and enjoy your new long beautiful durable nails!

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  • Alexsandro Pereira, Stephen Davies, Sarah Williams