How Long to Leave Hair Color On


0:00 hi my name is Marty I work with salon

0:02 Republic I'm in studio 1a and today I'm

0:04 going to talk to you about how long to

0:06 actually leave hair color on as a

0:09 hairdresser

0:10 we're always taught to follow

0:11 manufacturer's directions so same thing

0:13 applies with anyone applying hair color

0:15 you're always going to follow the

0:16 directions to find out what the

0:17 manufacturer suggests most hair color

0:20 whether it's five volume ten volume or

0:22 20 volume developer will be processing

0:24 for 30 minutes 30 volume and 45 volume

0:28 will process up to 45 minutes and then

0:31 in some scenarios where you're just

0:32 toning the hair you will actually leave

0:34 the hair color on for up to 15 minutes

0:37 but the standard processing time for

0:40 hair color is 30 minutes it's important

0:42 that when you're applying hair color

0:44 that you do not actually stir the hair

0:46 color immediately when you get your

0:49 client in the chair you want to make

0:50 sure you've prepped accordingly because

0:51 I mean that you start stirring the hair

0:53 color that actually starts the

0:54 processing time of the hair color and

0:56 all hair color has a specific amount of

0:58 time to process depending on the stage

1:01 of developer it can be 30 minutes it can

1:03 be 45 minutes

1:04 if you've stirred that color prior to

1:06 applying it you've lessened the amount

1:08 of time that that product works and you

1:10 will not get full processing time

1:12 results so it's just important to follow

1:15 manufacturer's directions with how long

1:17 to leave hair color on my name is Marty

1:19 and that's how long you leave hair color

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