How Does a Bath Bomb Work?,,,

What is a Bath Bomb?

A bath bomb is usually a large, tablet or ball-like substance that fizzes when positioned in bath water. They are different from other type fizzes that consist of grains. The tablet or ball-like bath bomb begins to partially or completely dissolve, when placed in water, as it bubbles, sparkles and fizzes. Some bath bombs come with an added scent. Bath bombs are also available in a variety of colors. Bath bombs are viewed as therapeutic to the bather due to the essential oils released from them. Essential oils, like lavender and mint, in bath bombs help to calm and rejuvenate the bather as he or she relaxes in the bathtub. Additionally, bath bombs may also consist of various cleansing agents such as surfactants or sea salts.

How is a Bath Bomb Made?

Bath bombs can be easily made at home, but are also available at bath shops such as "Bath and Body Works," "The Body Shop," and "The Basin." One of the easiest ways to make a bath bomb is to take two part measurement of sodium bicarbonate to one part or measurement of citric acid. Make sure that there is sufficient amount of moisture so that the powder ingredients will bond together. High-quality bath bombs are created with essential oils and other oils in addition to butters like shea butter and/or almond oil to moisturize skin. When formulating bath bombs, fragrance oils and coloring substances are generally added to give the water color. Dead sea salt is sometimes added due to its therapeutic benefits. Some manufacturers of bath bombs supply little extras like written messages or miniature toys that are included with the bath bombs. Sometimes the bath bombs consist of dried botanicals that dissolve into the bath water as well.

How Does a Bath Bomb Work?

Bath bombs consist primarily of sodium bicarbonate and/or some other soluble bicarbonate or carbonate and citric acid. The citric acid is white-like, crystalline powder substance at room temperature. However, sometimes organic acid is used, instead, to make bath bombs. The bath bomb mixture formulates a fizzing action resulting from the acid-based combination. The fizzing occurs once the citric acid and sodium bicarbonate comes in contact with water. At this point, the bath bomb starts to dissolve. Carbon dioxide gas is produced and other core contents are activated, as well, releasing fragrant essentials, sparking glitter, coloring, and oils into the bath water.