How Do Models Take Care of Their Skin?

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Healthy Habits and Choices

To maintain the skin they were born with, some models turn to time-tested beauty techniques. While completely flawless skin is not a strict prerequisite in modeling, it is certainly a plus. Getting enough sleep, drinking a healthy dose of water daily, eating wholesome foods, exercising and not ingesting toxic substances may not be enough to give some individuals clear and glowing skin. However, these practices contribute to skin that appears more attractive than if it were abused and taken for granted. A beauty regimen that allows the skin to flourish is helpful as well. By remembering to wash their makeup off at night in order to allow skin to breathe and rejuvenate itself during bedtime, models do their skin a favor. Moisturizing and applying sun protection prior to stepping out in the daytime maintains the skin's youthfulness and shields it from the elements that models are sometimes exposed to on location. While it is true that models have access to better products in the beauty industry as compared to most, it is not necessary to use the same pricey skin care products that they do in order to have radiant skin. Drugstores and beauty brands that sell their products through representatives offer a wide range of affordable skin care items that many consumers have found effective.

Insider Secrets

Due to the importance of beauty in their line of work, models are constantly informed of the latest spa offerings and treatments that specifically target the skin. While these are not exclusively available to the rich and famous, the cost to get pampered in these ways is more often than not out of the price range of the average individual. These beauty procedures administered by professionals can be identified by such names as "oxygen facials," "hyaluronic treatments" and "microdermabrasion." A model who indulges in the party lifestyle may choose to book regular sessions with skin experts not only because she can afford to, but because home remedies may not be potent enough to repair the damage inflicted on her skin by years of smoking and frequent drinking. If she wishes to continue working as a model, she may favor these therapies above others. They work quickly to prevent her from looking older than she really is.

Faking It

What appears to be perfect skin is not always the case with models, so the average woman need not be hard on herself for having an uneven skin tone and undereye circles. The highly evident golden glow on a model in beauty magazines, for instance, is either the work of a makeup artist or courtesy of airbrushing (see Resources). If a model shows up at a shoot with a pimple, it is expertly concealed by a professional and later edited out of the picture.