How do I Use a Swiss Gear Zurich Wheeled Garment Bag?

by Jamie Lisse

If you are traveling for business and need a garment bag, but you do not want to have to check your luggage, you can use the Swiss Gear Zurich Wheeled Garment Bag. This bag, which is available only through Target retail stores and, has a retail price of $135.99 as of September 2010. It is a full-size garment bag that folds up and latches to make it the standard carry-on luggage size. The bag also has wheels and an extendable handle similar to other hand luggage.

Step 1

Use the two hangers on the back of the Swiss Gear Zurich Wheeled Garment Bag to hang it up.

Step 2

Press the latch on the top front of the Swiss Gear Zurich Wheeled Garment Bag to open the bag. This extends it so that it looks like a normal garment bag and so that you can keep your clothing from getting wrinkled.

Step 3

Unzip the zippers around the exterior of the Swiss Gear Zurich Wheeled Garment Bag to get to the interior, which is where you can place your clothing.

Step 4

Zip the Swiss Gear Zurich Wheeled Garment Bag back up once you have packed all of your clothing that needs to hang.

Step 5

Fold up the bottom of the bag and reattach the latch. This keeps the bag the proper size for carry on luggage.

Step 6

Use the front zippered compartment for any small or loose items that you want to bring with you in the garment bag.

Step 7

Extend the the handle so that you can pull the bag behind you as you walk.

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