Homemade Tattoo Removal

man with tattoo image by jimcox40 from Fotolia.com

For many people, the tattoos they etched on their bodies during youth may not be suitable in their professional lives. Several options are available to remove tattoos. Laser tattoo removal is a popular choice, but it can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 to remove a single tattoo. Commercial creams and salves are available for home use and work by breaking up the ink, which fades the tattoo over time. Creams can take weeks to be effective and can also be quite expensive. It is possible to effectively remove a tattoo at home for a fraction of the price with similar results.

Soak a soft cloth with warm water.

Moisten the tattooed area by rubbing it with the wet cloth.

Place one half cup ground sea salt on top of the moisten area. The liquid on the tattoo will help the salt adhere to your skin.

Rub the salt into the tattoo with the moisten cloth used earlier. Continue to work the sea salt into the tattoo with the salt until the area begins to bleed slightly.

Rinse the salt off with cool water. This task should be performed immediately after the tattooed area begins to bleed or a large amount of the salt may enter the wound, which can be painful.

Soak a soft cloth with hydrogen peroxide. Rub the tattooed area with the hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide will act as an antiseptic against any infection.

Place a layer of liquid vitamin E, which can be purchased at many drug stores, onto the tattooed area.

Wrap the tattoo area with a piece of medical gauze. Secure the gauze with tape. Do not wrap the wound too tightly as this could limit the amount of air that reaches the wound.

Allow the wound to completely heal. As the scab begins to fall off, it will take the tattoo's ink with it. The tattoo will appear lighter as the wound continues to heal.

Repeat the process if you wish to lighten the tattoo further; however, repeat only after the wound has completely healed.