Home Remedies for Body Odor During My Period

Many women notice extra body odor while they are menstruating. This is normal. However, it is disagreeable to the women and possibly to those around them. There are several home remedies you can try to help eliminate or at least decrease any body odor during your period. There are a few basics, but there are also a few things which you may not have thought about.


Watch what you eat when you are having your period. Many of the foods you eat emanate from your pours. During your period, eating certain foods increases body odor. Stay away from garlic, onions, meat and eggs. An excess of iron also promotes body odor during your period, so it is sometimes a good idea to stay away from canned foods. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables instead and drink plenty of water to help reduce odor.


Wear loose, cotton clothing. Loose is more comfortable and helps your body breathe a little better. Tight clothing encourages you to sweat, which cause body odor. Polyester blends and denim do not encourage airflow as cotton does.

Do not wear any clothing for more than one day. Use an all-natural laundry detergent to wash your clothes if possible.


Take plenty of showers. You can never wash too many times to keep body odor at bay. Take two showers a day if necessary to make sure that you keep clean. Pay special attention to your vaginal area and under your arms. You can buy some feminine wipes and a sample deodorant to keep in your purse for quick cleanups during the day if necessary. Always use deodorant after showering.

Avoid using the traditional antiperspirants that are on the market. These have a tendency to clog pores instead of allowing your sweat to do the job of cleaning out your body of toxins. Purchase deodorants that use alum instead or pat some baking soda underneath your arms. Baking soda absorbs both moisture and odor. You can also wipe your underarms with white vinegar or rubbing alcohol to combat body odor.


Perfumes may not be a great choice during your period. It only covers up the odors and sometimes mixes with the odors to create a new unpleasant smell. Instead, use a talcum powder with a light fragrance. The talc in the powder will absorb any wetness on your body eliminating the odor.