History of the Gleaner Combine

The Gleaner combine has a long history and a well-known brand identity. Even with being owned by four different companies, the combine continued to be known for quality and innovation. Here is a brief history of the Gleaner combine from its beginnings to where they are manufactured today.

The Baldwin Brothers

The Gleaner combine was created in 1923 by the Baldwin Brothers in Kansas. The name “Gleaner” came from an 1857 painting by Jean Francois Millet.

William James Brace

In the 1930s, Gleaner Baldwin Combines went into receivership. William James Brace, along with his son-in-law, brought the company out of bankruptcy.


Gleaner combines were being made by Allis-Chalmers in 1955 when the company bought the brand. This company would become AGCO by 1991.

Notable Models

Some notable models created have included the first machine to incorporate reaping, binding and threshing into one machine. Others include the N6 rotary combine and the N7 combine with a 30-foot grain head, which was the largest of its kind.

Manufacturing Points

Gleaner combines were born in Kansas, and later moved to Independence, Missouri. The company was moved to Hesston, Kansas, nearby the original beginning of the company.