High Protein & Fiber Breakfast

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A mother who wants to give her family the best start possible every day strives to serve a well-balanced breakfast. In addition to vitamins and minerals, breakfast foods should contain high protein and high fiber. Give your family the most nutritious foods you can, while following your busy morning schedule. Combine high-protein items with high-fiber items and add other high-nutrition foods alongside them.


Cereal is a top source of fiber, provided it is whole grain, and is a quick and easy morning meal. Choose whole-grain granola and add low-fat milk or yogurt to increase the protein. Add nuts for more protein and dried fruit for vitamins and flavor. Sprinkle cereal or granola with ground flax seed to provide healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Avoid sugary cereals that are highly processed.


A smoothie makes a nutritious breakfast that is also portable. Smoothies can be made with just about any ingredient you want, so the fiber and protein content are entirely in your hands. Start with some low-fat yogurt or low-fat milk. Add fresh fruit for sweetness, flavor and vitamins with fiber. Put in some peanut butter or other nut butter for more protein. A scoop of protein powder or a serving of silken tofu is another way to enhance your smoothies with texture and protein. Fill reusable containers for teenagers who can drink them on their way to school.

Eggs and Meat

Eggs and lean breakfast meats, such as turkey bacon, provide lots of protein for a breakfast. Poach your egg or cook just egg whites to cut down on saturated fat. Use organic eggs because they contain more healthy omega-3 fatty acids. To balance your eggs or lean meat with some high-fiber foods, serve them with a slice of whole-wheat toast, or make a breakfast sandwich with the same ingredients for a to-go option. Add a side of fresh fruit for more fiber and nutrients. Some sliced cucumber or celery sticks will enhance the breakfast with even more fiber.


As with cereals, breads made from whole grains offer fiber. Serve your family whole-grain waffles, toast, rolls and bagels. Top the bread with a slice of low-fat cheese or spread it with low-fat cream cheese to add protein. Add more fiber with a side of fresh fruit salad. As always, the key is to combine breakfast ingredients to create a balanced meal.