Good Foods for Kids to Eat When Coughing Images

Problems with frequent coughing makes little throats sore and dry, but there are ways to help soothe that scratchy feeling without resorting to expensive and potentially dangerous medications. There are many foods that help ease a sore throat and calm an annoying cough. Additionally, the nutrients in the foods are good for a body fighting off sickness.

Ice Pops

Any fruit ice pop, whether it's juice or puree based, can help ease a child's cough. The cool liquid helps soothe your child's irritated throat. Since the pop is frozen, it delivers small amounts of liquid over an extended period of time, which helps ease coughing for at least as long as it takes to eat the ice pop. While citrus juices deliver ample nutrients, the acidic nature of the juice can sting and burn on a sore throat. Stick with apple, peach, and berry juices to prevent that burning sensation.


A classic cure for whatever ails you, soup is an effective way to deliver hydration and nutrients to a sick body. The warm liquid coats a scratchy throat and eases the urge to cough. Chicken soup is the most common choice for a cough or cold, but there are other selections possible. Any soup low in acid will work, such as consommé, beef stew, or split pea. Add dip mix to the recipe to boost taste appeal and help stimulate a lost appetite. Note that soups high in acid, such as tomato, can sting a throat raw from coughing.


Honey is one of those wonder foods that can do everything from sweetening your cake to soothing your throat. Honey coats a sore throat, which helps suppress the urge to cough. It also delivers antioxidants to your body, which can help fight off the cause of the cough. Swallowing a small spoonful of honey works like cough medicine. Kids can eat the honey straight or you can mix it in with hot tea. Honey is suitable for toddlers, but not infants or anyone with a compromised immune system.


Fresh fruits are always a healthy snack option, but they can be a little rough on a throat aching from coughing. However, processed fruit with a soft consistency can help ease that ache. Natural applesauce and soft fruits canned in their own juice, such as pears and peaches, are healthy and soothing. Avoid fruits canned in heavy syrup, as the syrups deliver little more than a punch of pure sugar. You can also throw banana, juice, and ice into a blender to create a silky smoothie to help coat your little one's throat.