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When you love a guy, often you just want to be the best girlfriend you possibly can be to him. This is especially true if you've decided that your boyfriend is the guy for you. Love can encourage you to want to make your boyfriend truly happy, in turn, making you happy as well. And of course, as someone important in your man's life, you genuinely want to be the best girlfriend he's ever had. Here are some tips for being the best girlfriend a guy ever had and making him so happy that he'll most likely want to stick around for a long time.

Always treat your guy well. The most important step to being the best girlfriend your guy ever had is to treat him right. Be respectful, kind, and courteous to your man while giving him love and attention that he deserves. If your guy is truly good to you and you want to make him equally as happy, just treat him good. Keeping your guy around and making him think you're the best girlfriend ever means encouraging him to feel good around you. A guy who's girlfriend makes him completely happy, will think of you as the best thing he's had in his life. It's really a no brainer that if you are treated well by someone you care about, you will adore them for a long time. Kindness goes a long way. Just being respectful and loving to your man can make him think of you as the best thing in his life.

Give your guy space and time with friends. A guy who is encouraged to have 'man time' with his friends, will think of you as the best girlfriend ever. Guys don't generally want to feel that their girlfriend is needy and has to consume his time. When a man feels that he has space to be his own person, he tends to view his girlfriend as great and he's a happier guy. Try giving up Sundays so that your guy can hang with his friends and watch football. Or encourage him to have a weekly poker night. Not only should you allow your guy to do things without you, you should promote this time apart. By telling your guy to go and do something apart from you that makes him happy, you're showing your man that you can be independent and want only his happiness. This will make him think you're the best girlfriend he's ever had and he'll also, almost always, give you the same courtesy.

Do fun little things for your guy and surprise him. Giving your man sweet little gifts, especially things you know he'll love, is a great way to encourage him to think your the best thing that's happened to him. Try getting tickets to a football game or sporting event he loves and surprising him by taking him there. Or, cook his favorite meal and have it ready when he comes home from a hard day of work. You can even buy him a hat you know he'll love, a new shirt, or a simple 'I love you' card to let him know that you are thinking of him. These special little gifts don't have to be done all the time, in fact, they shouldn't be overdone. But, when he does receive these little gifts of love, your boyfriend will think of you as the best girlfriend he's ever had, especially if no one has ever thought of him like you do.

Be understanding and patient with your guy. Try not to complain a lot if he doesn't help around the house, goes with his friends more than you'd like, or works too much. Instead of griping at your man, talk to him openly about your feelings and patiently listen to his response. Complaining turns men off, in fact, it turns just about anyone off. It actually tells a man that you don't think he's good enough and eventually, he learns to tune your voice out. This in turn, makes you more angry as his girlfriend. To prevent this vicious cycle, simply explain that you'd love it if he'd help you do 'this' or 'that'. Give specifics on what you want your boyfriend to do around the house or if you'd like him to be home more. Say it sweetly and kindly to get a good response. When your boyfriend does not hear you complain like a lot of girls do in relationships (so they see it), he will be more apt to think of you as the best girlfriend he's ever had.

Get in good with your man's friends. Your boyfriend will think you are the best girlfriend ever if he sees that you are able to hang with and bond with his friends. A guy who can bring his girlfriend around his friends without any issues is happier in that relationship. If you encourage the two of you spending time together with his friends, he will really think your a great girlfriend. A man's friends are important to him and when he hears that his girlfriend wants to spend time as 'one of the guys' he is encouraged to think of her as the best girlfriend ever. When you can get a guys friends to like you, you'll also feel better about the relationship. You'll feel comfortable knowing who your guy is hanging out with and you'll be more at ease in hanging around them as well. Harmonious relationships are those where all aspects of a relationship can come together, meaning if you are able to step into your guy's world and be comfortable with his friends and his activities, he'll definitely see you as the best girlfriend he's ever had.

Get along well with your boyfriend's family. When your man's family likes you, or even better, adores you, this means a lot to your guy. He'll be more apt to think you are the best girlfriend ever because his family will also think so. If your boyfriend's parents, siblings, and grandparents like're pretty much in. This is especially true if your guy is close with his family. The more he sees you and his family bonding, the more he'll think of you as the best girlfriend ever because you're making an effort to get along with those he loves. A good girlfriend is one who can blend well into a guy's life and make him feel at ease. I actually had my boyfriend test me when I met his parents to see if I could be in the room with them alone for an hour and communicate with them. I'm a very outgoing person, and I people, so this was easy for me to do. When he came back and saw me talking to his mom and dad so easily, he was very impressed. And he has actually told me that I am the best girlfriend he's ever ever had.