How to Be The Best Girlfriend Ever

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You have the greatest guy in the world and you're head over heels in love with him. You've never met anyone like him before and think about him every second of the day. If you want to be the best girlfriend you can possibly be, consider some of the ways to earn that title.

Step 1

Be entirely honest. Never lie to him. He's involved in your life and one of the closest people to you. Show him that you can be the most trustworthy person in his life.

Step 2

Never gossip around him. Guys hate gossipers, especially girls who do it often with their friends. Rumors and gossip often harm other people. Show him you're above all of that and the most straightforward person he's ever met.

Step 3

Be naturally beautiful. Show him yourself without all the makeup. Don't insist on using it constantly. Don't hide behind your fashionable clothes. He wants you to be natural because he knows that if you can prove to him you're beautiful without all the disguises, then you're a keeper.

Step 4

Be interested in what he has to say. Allow him to open up to you often and remember what he says. If you can hear him, he'll be happy. If you can add input, he'll be ecstatic. Be interested in what interests him. Even if it's something you're not particularly fond of, let him know that you appreciate that he has interests outside of your relationship. This will mean the world to him.

Step 5

Give him space and appreciate his independence from you. If he wants to go out with his buddies or have a few days to himself, encourage him to do so. Never throw a fit. Sometimes guys just need their own time, and so do you.

Step 6

Enjoy hanging out with his friends. Even if his friends may do silly things that disgust you or annoy you, know that your man is friends with them for a reason. Don't put his friends down. Seeing how cooperative you are will allow him to see just how great of a person you really are.

Step 7

Give him small gifts from time to time. Gifts are a great way to remind someone how much you care. It doesn't have to be something expensive -- maybe a book by an author he enjoys or a ball cap for his hometown baseball team will show you pay attention to his interests and think about him when you are apart.

Step 8

Be an independent thinker and have confidence in yourself. Guys like women who form their own opinions. Be confident in the way you look and feel, and he'll feel lucky to be around you.

Step 9

Have patience with him. Maybe he doesn't want to rush the relationship as much as you and sometimes commitment may be a scary word for a guy. Let him know that you aren't going anywhere and that you appreciate just having him there with you in the moment.

Step 10

Let him know how much you care. Don't hold back on your feelings; let him know every little change he's brought to your life. He will appreciate this and be encouraged to open up more to you in the future.