Funny Tips to Give a Bride on Her Wedding Day

Bride having wedding dress laced up by young woman, smiling

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A bride's wedding day is often one of the happiest days of her life, but it can also be incredibly stressful. Humorous tips on the wedding and married life help to ease the tension, but take care to keep your remarks tasteful, lighthearted and positive. As a guest or wedding party member, part of your duty is to make the bride smile and remember her wedding day fondly.

Advice on Arguments

Let the bride know that a rough patch doesn't have to spell doom with a few silly tips such as, "The quickest way to end an argument with your husband is to begin removing clothing" or "Don't argue about money unless you have so much you can't decide what to spend it on." You can also tell the bride to never bring up your husband's old mistakes during an argument; wait until he makes new ones and bring those up. The bride likely knows that disagreements are inevitable, so help show her that it's okay to laugh about it.

Thoughts on Stereotypes

Husband and wife stereotypes can be funny if used in the right setting by people who love and care for both the bride and groom. For example, if the bride is marrying a big sports fan, you can say, "Now that you're married, the new four seasons are baseball, football, basketball and hockey." If the groom is notoriously messy, you might advise the bride, "The most important purchase you'll make as a husband and wife is a vacuum cleaner." Remember, you're trying to make the bride laugh, not criticize her husband-to-be.

Communication Tips

Give the bride some tongue-in-cheek advice about what not to ask her husband once she's married. For example, "Always ask your husband if he thinks you look fat, and don't forget to ask him several times if he thinks that new barista is pretty." You can also poke gentle fun at a talkative groom with a tip such as, "The key to getting a word in is to wait until he takes a breath."

Look at the Bright Side

If you know the bride is anxious about a particular aspect of marriage or her husband-to-be, try to get her to see the bright side with some funny advice. Tell her to take advantage of her husband-to-be's frequent travel for work and get the deluxe cable TV package. Another smile-worthy piece of advice is, "Don't worry about gaining any newlywed weight -- as long as you can still fit into your wedding-day earrings, you'll look terrific!"