How to Enjoy a Family Gathering

Family gatherings are a time to catch up with family members and enjoy the special feeling of being surrounded by your relatives. Sometimes these gatherings can become monotonous, so to enjoy your day, make an effort to change your behavior. Become a bigger part of your family, and you will start to enjoy these gatherings a lot more.

Talk about past memories. Family gatherings were fun when you were a kid, so bring back those whimsical memories by having nostalgic conversations with aunts, uncles and cousins.

Engage your favorite aunt or uncle in conversation. You usually give them a hug and move on, but you are missing out on stories and memories that you may very well enjoy.

Help out in the kitchen, where you usually never venture. The conversation is always different in the kitchen, so make an effort to engage these members of your family in conversation and be a bigger part of the day.

Change the subject when tensions start to rise. Family has a way of getting too intense at times, so in an effort to enjoy your family gathering, crack a joke or pull one of your family members away from the conversation to help ease the tension.

Exchange email and phone numbers with cousins you have grown apart from. You may have lost your childhood closeness, so make an effort to rekindle these relationships. This effort will probably improve conversations at your family gathering.

Get recipes for your favorite dishes served. Your relatives will gladly share a family recipe with you, but only if you show interest.