Edible Parts of a Cod Fish

Andeln image by Stefan Richter from Fotolia.com

Cod fish is a type of whitefish that is inexpensive and easy to prepare. Usually the only part of the fish that is eaten is the flanks, but there are other parts of the fish safe for consumption as well. Expanding the kind of fish that you eat will add variety to your diet and helps remove waste from cooking.


In most cases when cod is served the head is discarded. Meat located in the head typically has a fishier flavor that many people find distasteful. However, much of the head of the cod can be removed and eaten much like the sides of the fish. The only parts of the head that should be avoided are the eyes, skin and brain. Most people will find the taste of these fish parts unappealing. However, quite a few pieces of meat can be scooped out from the head part that is traditionally discarded.


The body of cod is the part that is usually eaten and has the most familiar taste. Cod is a white fish which generally presents a mild fish flavor that is perfect for fish lovers and for people unfamiliar with eating fish. Cod is often fried but can also be eaten baked or grilled. Fish fillets are sliced from the skeleton of the fish and then separated from the skin. Sometimes the dark, fatty layer of meat is cut away from the white flesh of the fish, but usually the two kinds of flesh are served together as a cohesive piece.


The cod tail is another piece of fish that is usually thrown away. The tail is cut from the spine and discarded. The true tail is inedible and should not be eaten. However, in many cases pieces of the good, fleshy parts of the fish are thrown away along with the tail. These pieces can be scooped out from the tail and served along with the rest of the fish. One way to serve the tiny pieces of fish from the head and tail is to mix them together into cake form.


Fish entrails are usually not eaten. However, there are some fish entrails that can be battered and fried that taste very good. It is not recommended to eat the fish brains, eyes or stomach. Other than that, however, it is possible to eat any other part of the fish you like. Fish liver and hearts can add a unique flavor to other dishes. Cod liver has one of the highest concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids in fish and is often turned into oil for consumption.