Easter Face Painting Ideas

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Face painting keeps children occupied during an Easter party or outdoor event like an Easter egg hunt. Set up a table just to the side of the other events, and include a poster board that displays the different symbols that the face painters offer--this will keep the process simple. In addition, if the event includes kids of a variety of ages, so allow older children to paint the faces of the younger children, in order to keep everyone busy.

Easter Bunny

Turn the child's face into a mask, and create the illusion that the child is a bunny. Begin by painting the face white, then paint a pink upside down triangle nose, a split mouth (draw a vertical line from the bottom of the nose to the top of the mouth), little dots on the cheeks where the whiskers would be placed, and a pair of raised eyebrows over the eyes. And be sure to include a pair of long rectangular teeth poking out the bottom of the mouth. This mask is best coupled with a pair of bunny ears attached to a headband, to enhance the illusion.

Holiday Icons and Spring Symbols

Your cheeks make a great drawing surface. Holiday icons like Easter eggs are easy to draw and easily recognizable, but there are many other symbols that can be used. Many objects of fertility and new birth are often used to symbolize the season. A bunny's body, a baby chick or a flower are all examples. If you'd like to take these images to the next level, paint a scene that extends from one cheek to the other by painting a soft flat surface of green grass, then place these objects on the grass, or poking out from behind tiny little trees.

Religious Symbols

Easter is the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus after the crucifixion. Simple to reproduce religious iconography, such as images of the cross and Christian doves (a symbol of the Holy Ghost) are easy ways to link your holiday spirit back to the religious nature of the event itself. Although these symbols are meaningful to Christianity, they are not specifically tied to Easter more than other Christian events. However, these symbols can become more specific to Easter if they're painted in Easter colors--pink, pastel yellow, mint green and soft, baby blue.

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