Double Pane Vs. Triple Pane Windows

If you're buying new windows, you may wonder if you need to consider triple-pane glass. In most cases, double-pane windows will be your best option, but triple-pane occasionally makes more sense.


Double-pane and triple-pane refer to the number of glass sheets in a single window opening, either two or three. In either case, there's air or a gas locked between the panes, adding insulation.


The major benefit of triple- over double-pane glass is greater insulation. There's also less sound transfer.


Triple-pane windows cost about 25 percent more than comparable double-pane windows. They're also heavier and more awkward to use.


Double-pane windows may increase your energy efficiency by 50 percent over single-pane, but triple-pane windows only add another 20 percent efficiency over double-pane. Unless you live in a very cold climate, this probably doesn't justify the extra cost.


Whichever type of windows you buy, consider having them glazed with a UV coating. This increases energy efficiency without adding much to your overall cost.