Does Meaningful Beauty Work?

by Kristeen Cherney ; Updated September 28, 2017

Meaningful Beauty is a line of anti-aging facial products by Guthy-Renker and was the result of a partnership between French doctor Jean-Louis Sebagh and former supermodel Cindy Crawford. Cindy Crawford had used facial products while in France that contained an extract of a French melon, but she could not ship them to the United States. This was another part of the inspiration behind developing Meaningful Beauty, because the products can be shipped anywhere. Although these products have worked for some women, there is skepticism over whether these products are truly unique as advertised (Reference 1: Overview).

French Melon Extract

The biggest selling point of Meaningful Beauty, aside from Cindy Crawford's celebrity endorsement, is a "rare" product ingredient derived from the extract of French melon, known as superoxide dismutase (Reference 1: "Product Details"). This extract works as an antioxidant to prevent cell oxidation, which directly causes the aging of the skin by destroying skin cells (Reference 1: overview).


There are a variety of products in the Meaningful Beauty line, including a cleanser, day and night moisturizers, a masque, eye cream, glowing serum and neck cream (Reference 2: "What's Included?"). All products contain the French melon extract (Reference 1: "The Good"). According to Honest Infomercial Reviews, the product makers claim that Meaningful Beauty prevents and reduces the signs of aging by breaking collagen down, reduces roughness and redness of the face and shrinks pores (Reference 2: "Claims"). Honest Infomercial Reviews also states that some women have experienced skin that is softer, glowing, less oily and clear of blemishes (Reference 2: "Good Points"). All products have a 60-day guarantee that offers a full refund (Reference 1: "The Good").


There is no proof that Meaningful Beauty is bad for a user's health; in fact, there are no clinical studies available at all, which makes many skeptical about Meaningful Beauty (Reference 3: "The Bad"). However, according to Honest Infomercial Reviews, some women have experienced a few side effects, including breakouts and a raw, tight feel of the skin (Reference 2: "Bad Points"). Also, Beauty Products Compared states that the line contains artificial preservatives that can lead to irritations in women who suffer from allergies (Reference 3: "The Bad"). Yet reactions to facial products vary from person to person, and sometimes it takes time for the skin to get used to a product.

There is also skepticism over the highly advertised French melon extract, as it is near the bottom of the ingredient list of the products (Reference 1: "The Bad"). Meaningful Beauty advertises this extract as something unique when, in fact, it is similar to other antioxidants derived from fruit in numerous other facial products on the market (Reference 2: "Mysterious Ingredients"). Two other ingredients, avobenzone and octinoxate, are used in other brands as well (Reference 3: "The Bad"). Hence, Meaningful Beauty may indeed work for some women, but, according to Honest Infomercial Reviews, there is nothing truly unique about the line (Reference 2: "Mysterious Ingredients").