DIY Permanent Curl

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Curly hair means rarely having a bad hair day. Messy or neat curls always look stylish. You can achieve curly hair by putting rollers in you hair or curling your hair with a curling iron, but the rollers will not produce lasting curls and curling your hair with an iron daily will damage your hair. Permanently curling your hair is a good alternative that will save you the daily hassle.

Take the curl perm cream container out of your curl perm kit box and pour the curl perm activator bottle into the cream container. Use your mixing stick to thoroughly mix both products together.

Take your comb and section your hair into eight squares. Hold each section apart with a hair rubber band.

Remove the rubber band from one section. Put on your gloves and use the mixing stick to scoop some curl perm and apply it on your hair section.

Apply the mixed curl perm on the root to the end of your hair. Repeat steps three and four to all your hair sections.

Use your hands to mix the curl perm throughout your hair. Keep perm in according to the recommended time on instruction manual.

Wash your hair with shampoo and apply hair conditioner. Towel dry your hair.

Take your comb and section your hair into square sections, take your hair rollers and roll your hair in each section.

Blow dry your hair with a blow dryer until dry. Take down your rollers and use your fingers to blend your curls together. Now you have curly hair.