Dirty Tricks to Play

Photo art by eskim0j0.

Sometimes situations get out of hand when dealing with others and reach a point where you may not be able to get back at them in a direct face-to-face manner. This is when it is time to think of some dirty tricks to play to get even or to totally embarrass your adversary. Dirty tricks come in many forms, all of which will add up to you besting your opposition. Not only will a dirty trick serve to help you get even, but it may give you the ever so coveted last laugh if pulled off without a hitch.


First off, note that playing a dirty trick is more than a game. The person whom you are playing the trick on will ultimately feel slighted by whatever you do so be sure that you prepare for a negative outcome in the relationship. Dirty tricks will help to level the playing field by letting your enemy know that you can make his life hell if you so choose and that you can be cunning, as well.


Dirty tricks can range from destroying or defacing property to mentally or emotionally rocking the very foundation your enemy walks upon. Beyond the mundane toilet-papering of someone's house, you can fill his car with shaving cream, place uncooked fish in his ventilation system, spreading a horrible smell throughout the house that may not be found for days. Other ideas range from putting spicy and saucy cubes of flavor in the shower head to replacing toiletries with other less desirable items such as depilatory cream in the shampoo bottle. You may also want to "accidentally" drop someone's toothbrush into a slightly used toilet to add flavor. Plastic wrap placed strategically under a toilet seat will surprise unsuspecting user as he sees his "leavings" displaced onto the floor.


Things to keep in mind are how you want to trick the unlucky person you've choose. You can make the trick themed in the same way that they may have hurt or undercut you. For instance, say a guy stole your girlfriend; you may consequently start spreading a rumor that he has contracted an STD, which will kill his social life. Keeping appropriate levels in mind will help to balance the trick and consequence with the reason it was launched in the first place.


Performing these tricks not only embarrasses the person who you tricked but will help turn the tides on someone who may have gotten the best of you for far too long, or it may serve to remind others of why they can never best you. You enemies will think twice about trying you in the future after you have demonstrated how vengeful you can be. It will also satisfy you in ways that words may not be able to; action, as we all know, speaks louder than words. Plus, it can be a boost to your ego to come out on top.


Before you go out and go psycho on anyone, be sure that you obey the "rules" of dirty tricks and pranks. The ultimate goal is to execute without prosecution, in other words, don't get caught. You will also want to make sure that your plan does not include anything illegal so as to involve the police, and end in you being arrested. After you have bested your foe, he will be looking for reasons to get you in trouble. Refrain from telling blabbermouths about your prank, especially if you do not want others to know who did it. Although you want to discredit and possibly embarrass this person, doing physical harm to anyone is completely off-limits as those things border more on criminal acts that will deservedly get you punished.