Different Pin Up Hairstyles

by Reena Das ; Updated September 28, 2017

Pin up hairstyles were popular from the 1930s to the 1950s.

Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Pierre Tourigny

Pin up hairstyles symbolize the timeless glamor of the 1930s to the 1950s. Those retro hairstyles were all about seductive and feminine curls.

Pin Curls

These simple styles of the 1940s were the most "stylish" pin up hairstyles, according to Hot1940sHairstyles.com. Get the look: Divide washed and air-dried hair into small sections, set each section in "pincurls" using bobby pins, and leave overnight. Finger comb your hair in the morning.


Inspired by Betty Paige and the era of rock and roll, the rockabilly style is sporty and stylish. Get the look: Use hot rollers on damp hair, then backcomb the “inside of the front curls to create volume and pouf,” recommends Hot1940sHairstyles.com.

Finger Waves

The finger waves made popular during the flapper period are still a favorite of celebrities and brides. Finger waves soften feminine facial contours and add an undeniable sophisticated touch.


Accentuate your pin up hairstyle with accessories. Nothing about those hairstyles was demure; use oversize barrettes, floral clips, headbands, and wraps.


Pin up hairstyles are labor-intensive. Expect perfection with practice. Tools and styling products are mandatory. Personalize and customize the styles for a unique look.

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  • Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Pierre Tourigny

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