Difference Between Weber Q200 & Weber Q220

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Choosing a grill for your backyard can be a difficult decision. With such a wide variety of brands and models to choose from and with so many options and features, you may find yourself at a loss and overwhelmed. If you’ve already narrowed your choice down between two models of the same brand, your task is much simpler. The Weber Q220 grill is an updated version of the Q200 model. The differences between the two grill models are minor, but may make a big difference to a dedicated griller.


The Weber Q200 grill features piezo ignition. This type of ignition is commonly used in portable gas grills, camping stoves and lighters. When the ignition button is pressed, a spring-loaded hammer hits a PZT or quartz crystal. The crystal emits voltage and electric discharge, which ignites the gas and starts heating the grill. In contrast, the Q220 model functions with electronic ignition. The electronic ignition system uses a transformer to conduct a high voltage current to a spark plug device. When the voltage jumps from the spark plug to the metal wall of the grill, it gives off a large amount of heat, igniting the gas and starting the grill.


Thermometers are extremely useful in grilling. Poorly cooked meat can lead to disastrous health effects, including food poisoning and contraction of parasites. The built-in thermometer on the Q220 grill makes checking the temperature of your cooking food an easy task. The Q200 model does not come with a built-in model, but an external oven thermometer does the trick almost as easily.

Lid Size

The Weber Q220 comes with a taller lid than the Q200. The main advantage of the Q220’s tall lid is in the volume of products you can cook in the grill at one time. The tall lid makes cooking large roasts and whole chickens an easy task to complete in one go. The shorter lid of the Q200 model, on the other hand, is designed more for cooking smaller foods like hot dogs and hamburgers.


Weber grills are typically sold by online or local dealers. Though prices vary based on seller and location, the Q220 model generally costs more than the Q200. For example, the Australian-based Weber website lists the best price for the Q200 model at A$419 and the Q220 at A$449. At sites like Amazon.com, you can purchase the Q200 model for less than USD$200 and the Q220 model for little more.