Cooking Meat in a Pressure Cooker

Cook A Meal Together

When using a pressure cooker, you do not want to remove the lid from the cooker while cooking or the pressure will release and delay your meal from being completed. For this reason, you will want to cook items in your pressure cooker along with meat that take about the same amount of time to cook. A good choice to do this is to cook your meat and potatoes together in a pressure cookie.

Only try cooking using what is referred to as the "interrupted cooking method." This is a skill that requires precise timing and knowing your pressure cooker well after both reading the entire manual and testing it on easier dishes first.

Inspect Your Pressure Cooker Before Cooking Meat

Pressure cookers are sensitive cookware devices. If you do not inspect your pressure cooker closely, you may not be able to cook your meat successfully. Two important items to look at before cooking meat in your pressure cooker are the gasket seal and the vent tube. Make sure your gasket seal is both clean and free of tears. If there is a tear, the pressure will escape and your meat will not cook properly. The vent tube must be checked to ensure it is clean as well. If the tube has any blockages, even a partial one, use the tube cleaner that comes with your pressure cooker to remove the blockages. If your vent tube is blocked, it will result in the pressure not being released when necessary through the tube.

Use the Liquids for Flavoring

When cooking meat in a pressure cooker, you must use liquids. The liquid is what produces the steam to form the pressure. Some recipes will ask you to use beef stock for the liquid. Take this opportunity and season the broth with spices and seasonings of your choice. The liquid will be what flavors the meat through the steam that can penetrate it under high pressure. Adding items such as soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, jerk seasoning or even just plain salt and pepper will give your meat plenty of flavor when you cook it using your pressure cooker. Experiment with these additions to make different meat-based dishes in your pressure cooker.