What Is a Chocolate Pedicure?

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Chocolate is known to have certain health benefits, and it seems you don’t have to ingest it to get all of them. The sweet confection is now being used in certain spa treatments, including chocolate pedicures. Neurologists report that eating chocolate can produce euphoric feelings -- and so can just smelling it, which is a pleasant side effect of a chocolate pedicure. Further, the caffeine in chocolate stimulates the circulatory system and firms the skin. Chocolate also contains antioxidants, and cocoa butter has been used as a moisturizer since the middle of the 19th century.

The Chocolate Tootsie Experience

The exact steps performed in a chocolate pedicure vary somewhat from one spa to another. Generally, however, a chocolate pedicure starts with a foot bath in warm chocolate. The feet are then rubbed down with a chocolate scrub or buffed with a cocoa brush. A chocolate mask is then applied to the feet. When the mask is removed, the feet are given a final rub down with a rich chocolate butter cream moisturizer. After that, your toenails are painted as they would be during a regular pedicure. Most chocolate pedicures are accompanied by a chocolate treat, such as chocolate candies or a chocolate martini, and all reportedly smell like heaven.