Cheese Fountain Ideas

Cheese fountains are the dressed up version of the classic fondue pot. They can be used to liven up the buffet table of virtually any event adding both novelty and fun. The same fountain used as a chocolate fountain generally can be used as a cheese fountain as long as the cheese sauce is thinned enough to allow it to flow through the pipes smoothly.


Cheese fountains can be used literally anywhere that a chocolate fountain is used or a buffet table is set up. Birthday parties, graduations, weddings, reunions, prom and sporting events. The concept of a cheese fountain is not as elegant as a chocolate fountain, but fondue can be played up as long as sophisticated dipping material is involved and the table presentation around it is decorated to match the rest of the buffet or party.

Cheese Types

The easiest cheese types to pour into a fountain are the already made jarred or packaged cheese sauces such as melting nacho cheese sauce, Velveta® or a type of jarred queso sauce. Homemade sauces containing real cheese have to be made with a fondue recipe and thinned with extra wine or oil in order to allow the cheese to flow smoothly in the fountain. A classic cheese fondue contains Swiss cheese, Gruyere, garlic, white wine, lemon juice, flour, pepper and salt. Other seasonings such as nutmeg or cayenne pepper and other cheese types such as cheddar can be used as well.

Dipping Items

Whereas with the chocolate fountain all of the dipping items are sweet dessert treats, with a cheese fountain the dippers can be virtually anything savory. Slices of french bread, crackers, tortilla chips, vegetables, bagels, slices of chicken, sausages, hot dogs, apples, and even French fries can be dipped into a cheese fountain. Make the selection of dipping items based on the type of event and consumer type; that is, hot dogs may not be appropriate at a wedding but they are appropriate for a Super Bowl party or a child's birthday party.


When it comes to dipping things into a recycling source, sanity and hygiene become issues. Cheese fountains, like chocolate fountains, rotate the cheese throughout the fountain so that it stays at a constant consistency. The hygienic problem arises when individuals stick their fingers into the fountain and spread the germs. To avoid this as best as possible, provide skewer sticks on which to stick dipping items before dunking into the cheese. Forks and chopsticks can also be used.