Can I Freeze Wheat Berries?

by Fred Decker
Wheat berries can be frozen for safe long-term home storage.

Wheat berries can be frozen for safe long-term home storage.

Whole grains, such as wheat kernels, sometimes called wheat berries, are among the longest-lasting natural foods. If they're stored in suitably dry and pest-free conditions, at a cool and stable temperature, they can remain tasty and safe to eat for years. Commercial distributors store grain in huge climate-controlled buildings, but that's not an option at home. Often, your freezer is the best place to store wheat berries and other whole grains.

Long-Term Storage

The best storage temperature for wheat is between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit, but few modern homes have a root cellar or similar reliably cool area. Rather than storing the grain at room temperature and risking spoilage or a pest infestation, package it and freeze it. Freezing doesn't harm the grain as long as it's well packaged, and can help the grain retain its freshness and nutritional value indefinitely. Package the grain into food safe freezer containers, heavy-duty freezer bags or vacuum-sealed bags, then label and date them. Position the grain in the deepest corners of your freezer, where the temperature remains most stable, and remove it in small quantities when you need it.

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