Bottles for Homemade Liquor Gifts

Kate Van Vleck/Demand Media

Holiday gift giving frequently includes the exchange of homemade food and liquor. Food packaging options abound, while those for liquor are often limited. Many people use old wine or liquor bottles to package home recipes of liquors and liqueurs. Online sources sell new bottles that are available in different sizes.

Large Bottles

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Bottles that resemble those used by commercial packagers are available in various sizes including 750 ml, 375 ml, 1 liter and 1.5 liters. Color choices include clear and smoke. The bottles come in assorted shapes and styles, including round, square, tequila, gin, Mexican cream and Aztec. Metal, plastic and cork caps are sold separately.

Small Bottles

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Vintage, miniature liquor bottles range in size from 3- to 6-inches tall. Some are plain and others have labels from commercial liquor brands on them. They range in color from clear to amber, and caps are included. Shapes include oval, round and square.


Kate Van Vleck/Demand Media

Large bottles are commonly sold in cases of 12. Small or miniature bottles are usually sold individually or in lots of three. Some companies sell personalized labels for the bottles.

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