How to Beat Feeling Lonely or Depressed

Several self-healing techniques will help beat the blues. Depression is a sign our life is out of balance, here are some simple ways to get you back on track.

Write down your feelings. Confront your negative feelings of guilt, pride, or resentment. Ask yourself why you have that emotion. Accept the answers and you will find a deeper understanding of why you have that emotion.

Hit a pillow, Lift weights. Run on sand. Take a deep breath and think "What is making me so unhappy". Write down your feelings. Keep a journal daily for at least 6 months.

Move. Take a walk, (best if it's in the sunshine). Begin with 10 minutes and start slowly. Check out the birds, butterflys, squirrels, trees, cracks in the road.

Dance. Put on a song real loud and move for 5 minutes. Sing if you know the words.

Join a support group.
Find a group on the internet or local church.

Forgive and Forget. Let go. Don't put good energy after bad. You will feel less tired.

Have a Holi-hour. Like a holiday or Holiday Hour. Remember and live for the good times. Think of all the joy the present has to offer.