Baptism Gift Ideas for Boys

A boy's baptism is a special day in a child's life that will be recalled most by friends and family. Help him recall this day by giving a gift that will be a token of remembrance for the infant who most likely slept through his special ceremony. To help you decide on a unique gift idea to commemorate a boy's baptism, several have been listed below.


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Crosses are an unmistakable Christian symbol and if you choose to give one that is personalized with the name, date, and location of a little boy's baptism, it will be an everlasting reminder of this special event. Spiritual crosses come in all sizes, thicknesses and weights; some are made for necklaces, while others can be displayed from hangars and viewed year-round. Other lightweight crosses made of thin metal make wonderful Bible bookmarks. Heavier crosses serve effectively as paperweights.


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Engrave a plaque with the details of a child's baptism along with a personal message of well wishes for their spiritual journey through life. Consider one of the verses used during the baptism as part of the message, a unique way to add personalization.

Bible or Devotional

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A Bible or devotional makes a nice gift for one chartering a new spiritual path. Personalize a Bible or devotional by having it engraved or simply by writing a personal message inside. This is a good way to provide continued support, spiritual reinforcement, and a meaningful recognition of God's word.

Baptismal Attendance Record

Record the names of everyone in attendance by passing around a Baptismal Attendance Record during the ceremony. Have attendees sign the book and encourage them to add any special words of advice or instruction. This book may be one of several cherished items when the child reaches adulthood.

Shadow Box

Preserve the memories of Baptism with a glass covered shadow box. A shadow box not only provides an attractive means to organize and display items from this special day; it is also a constant reminder of the intention for the life of one of God's chosen. A shadow box makes a great family heirloom that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

Baptismal Biography

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While not everyone likes to read; most everyone likes to read about themselves. A baptismal biography written with care and detail, transformed into a short story with photographs would definitely be a unique and meaningful gift. Be sure to include details such as the season, weather, attendees, and any small facts that would otherwise be forgotten.