The Average Cost of Moving a House

by Jennifer Eblin
The cost of moving a house is tied to the home's square footage.

The cost of moving a house is tied to the home's square footage.

When new developments or roads encroach on your home and you have to move, you can take your house with you. The cost of moving the house is often consistent with the cost of building a new home and, in some cases, may be substantially lower.

Average Cost

Based on 2010 data, the average cost of moving a new home was $20,000 to $40,000. The size of the house, the distance to the new location and the amount of work required to move the building all play a role in the total cost.


When looking at the overall costs of moving a home, you must also factor in the costs of buying a new lot of land, installing new electric and water lines if needed and the costs of any required permits.


You may find that in some areas, you’re required to bring the older home up to the same codes that new building are subject to. The cost of replacing pipes, adding new exits and other features may increase your costs significantly.

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